1. Brutal Training

    The Brutal Training website has articles and videos that discuss all the training philosophy that we talk about through 2 Ducks. It is a valuable resource for anyone that takes a holistic approach to training and life!

  2. Beach Volleyball Art of War

    If you want to understand the strategy of the game then this is the website for you!

  3. Insportz Sandringham

    The home of 2 Ducks in Melbourne, come to Insportz to train or play weekly competition in all levels from beginner to AAA.

  4. Team Boland/Schumann

    The official site of Team BS, better known as Owen Boland and Damien Schumann, two of our ducks taking on the world!

  5. Spike WebDesign

    Spike WebDesign is the company who developed our website.

  6. Sydney Beach Volleyball School

    Based in Manly NSW, the Sydney Beach Volleyball School is the premier resource for beach volleyball on Manly beach.