Victorian beach volleyball coaches Haydn Ellis and Chris Burns established 2 Ducks Beach Volleyball Schools in late 2008. Chris and Haydn joined forces to develop a pathway for players to develop all the way from beginner level to elite pro tour players. Unlike most professional sports beach volleyball largely requires its athletes to try and develop themselves unless they are recognized by the Institute of Sport. There are various coaching facilities available in all states yet, for the uninitiated, there isn't a clear pathway to developing their games to the elite level.

2 Ducks beach volleyball supports fairness and transparency in the administration of the sport of beach volleyball.


The primary purpose for 2 Ducks BVB is to help athletes understand and develop the necessary requirements to move into the elite level of the sport. This requires a desire that goes beyond just turning up and playing to the best of your ability. It requires a drive not just to win games but also to be the best you can be in every area of the game. It requires passion and discipline far greater than just becoming a good player. And it involves getting help along the way. We, at 2 Ducks BVB, want to help you better understand the process required to turn this desire into reality.

Some of you have the desire and discipline to want to proceed to the next level of the game and beyond. If you have come to this site searching for this, and you do have the desire to proceed, you can consider 2 Ducks as a resource for use in your development. Skills, fitness, mind-set and tactics are all part of the development necessary to become an elite player. But training and development is much more than any of these singular aspects. Training must be holistic in nature and incorporate the athlete's entire lifestyle.